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What others are saying

Roy Hill Ore Mine

Roy Hill


Iron Ore Processing Plant

The audit process identified several high wear areas and the cause of daily breakdowns. After installing the recommended products and making small changes we no longer have those regular leakages, spillage and slips.

Worsley Ore Mine


Alumina Refinery

The solution offered for our high temperature slurry lines has been a great success. Safety and sky rocketing replacement costs were a real issue but now we have longer wearing lines, less stock and no disruption to the plant.

Argyle Diamond Mine


Diamond Processing Plant

The results speak for themselves. Spool lifespan increased from 6 months to 5 years by implementing the solutions put forward. The efficiencies come from reduced downtime and maintenance and increased throughput.

Getting started is simple

So that you know exactly what you’re in for, we’ve outlined four easy-to-follow steps below:


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  • Optimise Recommendations
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  • Implement & Enjoy the Results
    Make the recommended changes and say goodbye to unnecessary downtime and unplanned shutdowns


Stop reacting to problems - a site audit is a proactive approach to reliability management that puts you back in control



By undertaking an audit of your slurry piping systems and implementing the recommendations provided in the report, you have taken the necessary steps to gaining improved plant performance. As a reliability engineer, plant owner or operator we know how important it is to be able to ‘set and forget’ without the worry of product failure and unplanned shutdowns. Our comprehensive audit will identify current and potential issues within your slurry piping system and make recommendations to unlock the plants potential.


  • Reliability Improvements
    With extensive knowledge of wear characteristics in slurry piping systems, our technical field specialists will identify problem areas that may require upgrades or improvement by small alterations of equipment or process adjustments. The recommendations we put forward will ensure you can trust that the plant will keep performing as it should.
  • Increased Uptime
    Optimising each part of the system based on the specific conditions of that section of the plant will ensure the right products are used to last (and outlast) the required timeframes between scheduled shutdowns. With reduced maintenance and greater wear performance, your plant uptime can be significantly improved.
  • Reduced Inventory
    The requirement for large quantities of spare parts will be a thing of the past. By designing the system to improve the wear life and meet your desired timelines we will ensure the slurry piping system outlasts the period between maintenance shutdowns and minimise the risk of product failures.
  • Improved Safety
    Safety in a mineral processing plant is paramount. With high velocity, high temperature and often highly corrosive slurries; leaks and ruptures in perishing pipework poses a serious risk of injury to employees. Identifying potential issues before they become safety hazards and selecting the right solutions for the site conditions will greatly reduce the risk of harm.
  • Lower Operating Costs
    We will provide a solution that offers the lowest ‘total cost of ownership’ and in doing so reduce the costs associated with maintenance, labour,  material loss, planned shutdown replacement, and unplanned outages due to product failure. Improved plant efficiency and reliability, with fewer change-outs and longer lasting slurry piping offers significant reductions in operating costs.
  • Peace Of Mind
    Following the recommendations put forward by our technical field specialists allows you to get on with your job without the risk and worry of an unplanned shutdown caused by the slurry piping system. No longer will you have to ‘band-aid’ the system, we will provide a fully optimised solution to improve performance and give you the reliability you require.


Companies We Work With

Our parters have achieved some remarkable results through our audit process. Here is a snapshot of some of our clients:

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